Noble black becomes one with fateful red and the result is…Lal

The Bronze Age cultures of Anatolia, Africa, and the Mediterranean created similar forms. These forms matured with the change to a sedentary lifestyle and the factors of ergonomics, functionality, and daily usage this lifestyle brought into play. Soot from wood flames produced the exterior black color on pots, baked soil the red color inside, and finally curls of flame the whirling forms. Despite the contrast of these colors that is reflected even in their chemistry, red and black were always used together.

Used as symbols of passionate love, valour, and impossibility throughout history, red and black are reinterpreted in Lal. The red and black two-piece candlestick can also be used as a vase, bringing a new dimension to the functionality of the design. With its unique shape independent of time, Lal has been created by skillful hands nurtured for generations.